2019-nCoV Detection Kit 2019-nCoV Test Kit 2019 Novel Coronavirus Detection Kit (PCR Fluorescence Probing )

2019-nCoV Rapid Diagnostic Kit 2019 Novel Coronavirus Test Kit/2019-nCoV RNA Detection Kit(Fluorescent PCR) In order to better stop the epidemic situation of 2019-nCoV wide spreading, BOKA sales the 2019-nCoV RNA detection kit, aiming to supply timely and effective detection service to extensive...

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2019-nCoV Rapid Diagnostic Kit 2019 Novel Coronavirus Test Kit/2019-nCoV RNA Detection Kit(Fluorescent PCR)


In order to better stop the epidemic situation of 2019-nCoV wide spreading, BOKA sales the 2019-nCoV RNA detection kit, aiming to supply timely and effective detection service to extensive medical organizations. This kit can detect ORF1ab and N gene simultaneously, endogenous internal standard can monitor the experiment from sampling process, 
assess the sampling qualified or not(exogenous internal standard do not have this advantage), and monitor the occurrence of false 
negative effectively, assisting early clinical diagnostic, early treatment.

Intended for use in vitro qualitative RNA detection of 2019-nCoV
Package spec24 tests/kit, 48 tests/kit, 96 tests/kit.
Main componentsPCR reaction solution, negative & positive controls, internal standard, etc.
Applicable instrumentsABI 7500, LightCycler 480, AGS4800, etc.
Applicable samplethroat swabs, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid(BALF) and sputum.


This is Guangzhou BOKA Lab System company ,one of the biggest lab company in China .Now nearly the whole world is infected with 2019-nCoV (Coronavirus),In order to fight the virus as soon as possible, our country developed a rapid detection kit to detect whether the virus is infected.


 And these test cases have been sent to hospitals /army/CDC/ government test throughout China.before it's complete; prohibit export but right now  we can export this detection Kit Right because China has cooling down from 2019-nCoV and very very less new infected person and the whole  is very lack of  this 2019-nCoV detection Kit ,the government need a lot .

Fortunately, BOKA Lab System  has obtained the sales permission for this product. If you ,your family/ friend or your local government have any needs, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to provide you with a product quote.
At the mean time ,obtained EU CE certification on February 5, 2020.

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Is your product a professional medical 2019-nCoV detection kit? Is there a relevant professional certificate?

Yes, we have CE and ISO certifications. Products cannot be used at home. Our 2019-nCoV detection kit requires hospitals and professional laboratories equipped with PCR equipment to be operated by professional staff.




How is your 2019-nCoV detection kit different from other suppliers?



This Detection Kit for 2019 Novel Coronavirus(2019-nCoV)RNA(PCR-Fluorescence Probing),is testing the patient whether infected with coronavirus for positive and negative features.NOT ImG/IgG ( colloidal gold method,GICA)ImG/IgG is testing patient's body lgM antibody, in patients infected with 7 days or 3 days of the disease is able to detect the antibody of lgM, helpful to further definite diagnosis.ImG antibody positive meaning recent infection;IgG antibody positive meaning a long time infection or before infection.




How do you use this 2019-nCoV detection kit? Is there any instructions?


Need to cooperate with the use of professional PCR instruments, the use of rapid 2019-nCoV detection kit and instructions. We will send you detailed information and our account manager will give you a brief introduction. There is a deeper understanding of this. You just need to give it to a professional.




How are 2019-nCoV detection kit packaged and shipped?



2019-nCoV detection kit are 24, 48, 96 pieces in a box, 100 boxes / carton, 65 * 58 * 42cm / carton, weight 28 kg / carton, Delivery : DHL /FedEX ,Cold chain transportation ,by Air ;External Package : Carton package;Internal Package: Refrigerated insulated foam tank, with full ice storage 




What is the minimum order quantity?


Our minimum order quantity is 10 boxes, and we recommend that you purchase large quantities to the government and related medical institutions, because the global epidemic is severe now, and the demand for protective supplies and 2019-nCoV detection kit is very large. Everyone should be responsible for getting more 2019-nCoV detection kits for their country.


If you're looking for the 2019-ncov detection kit 2019-ncov test kit 2019 novel coronavirus detection kit (pcr fluorescence probing ), BOKA must be your best choice. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory has great competence in this field. Welcome to buy our low price products and check the price list with us.
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