Chemical Ductless Metal Laboratory Fume Hood with HEPA Filter

Chemical Ductless Metal Laboratory Fume Hood With Hepa Filter

Product Details

Chemical Ductless Metal Laboratory Fume Hood with HEPA Filter

Fume Hood is used to protect lab environment and operator during general chemical applications. It actively protects operator from inhaling toxic vapors and dramatically reduces the risk of fire and explosion. By installing proper filter, it can also protect environment.


1. UV lamp for sterilization.

2. Motorized front glass window.

3. Adjustable air speed: 9 levels.

4. Alarm when filter working time 3500 hours.

5. With air velocity memory function in case of power failure.

6. Back side air compensation, to avoid turbulence in work area.

7. 10┬░slope front ergonomics design, fatigue-free working posture.

8. Microprocessor control system, LED display shows filter working time .

9. Transparent side glass windows maximize light and visibility inside the cabinet, providing a bright and open working environment.

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