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About laboratory construction plans and guidance

Sep 13, 2018

First, the choice of laboratory design and construction unit:

The laboratory design and construction unit should select a company with a certain scale in China. It must strictly examine its design, research and development, production and construction capabilities and qualification standards. It is best to conduct on-site inspections of its completed projects and company locations.

The designers of the design unit should be professional, comprehensive, experienced, responsible and stable. It is best for the contractor to undertake construction projects at the location of the laboratory, so that they are familiar with the local situation. In addition, due to the vast territory of China and the large difference between the north and the south, the principle of proximity is also convenient for construction and subsequent maintenance work.

After the design drawings are completed, it is best to have a third-party agency and authoritative experts conduct a detailed review to avoid unreasonable design and major defects. In the construction project, the other party should be required to have a project manager with practical experience, which is conducive to schedule control, resource allocation, communication and coordination.

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Second, the design of the laboratory layout:

The layout of the laboratory is the basis of the laboratory design. Only the layout planning according to the functional partition and workflow requirements can ensure the subsequent professional design of water, electricity and wind. It can be said that the whole body is moving. Therefore, the layout design phase should consider the work and development needs as much as possible, rationally configure the space, and optimize the integration as much as possible.

In addition to the optimization of the layout and the design of the position of the equipment, it should also fully consider whether the direction of the flow of people and the flow of goods meets the requirements of the work. For example, in order to avoid frequent running of the experimenter, the pre-processing room should be on the same floor as the instrument room; the gas cylinder room should be on the same floor as the gas chromatograph, GC/MS, etc.; try to maximize the single-layer area to avoid There are too many floors, and each floor should be equipped with a washing room and a sample room to make full use of the space; the biosafety room should reasonably arrange clean areas, semi-clean areas, and contaminated areas to avoid cross-contamination.

Third, the laboratory's power distribution system:

The distribution system of the laboratory is designed according to the specific requirements of the experimental instruments and equipment, and is designed by a large number of professional designers. It is very different from ordinary buildings.

Because the requirements of the circuit equipment of the laboratory equipment are more complicated, it is not usually considered as long as the requirements of the maximum voltage and the maximum power are met. In fact, there are many instruments and equipment that have special requirements for the circuit (such as electrostatic grounding, power failure protection, equipotential bonding, etc.).

The design of the power distribution system should not only consider the existing equipment and equipment, but also consider the development plan of the laboratory for several years, fully consider the reservation problems of the power distribution system and the future circuit maintenance.

In order to ensure reliable power supply, the uninterruptible power supply or dual-line design should also be considered. The capacity of the uninterruptible power supply should meet the actual needs and ensure a certain amplable interval to meet future development needs.

In addition, for certain special areas, such as cylinders, explosion-proof electrical components should be used to ensure no safety hazards. The socket on the wall should fully consider the requirements. For example, the sample room should be reserved for the socket of the refrigerator, the socket of the pre-treatment room should be prepared for the centrifuge, the socket of the automatic shoe cover should be reserved at the door, and some sockets should be considered on both sides of the corridor. .

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