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All-steel central laboratory bench

Apr 10, 2018

The technical parameters of the all-steel central laboratory bench include the following aspects. The following is the introduction of the all-steel central laboratory bench:


Note: 900 is the operating height of standing position 800 is the operating height of sitting position



Specifications (width * height)


All-steel central laboratory bench

Steel structure


The length can be determined according to the actual length of the shortest 1200

The above specifications are all common specifications, and most of the test benches are customized according to the length of the room, so the user can customize it as needed.


II: All-steel Central Experimental Bench Top:

All-steel central laboratory bench can adopt Shanghai Weisheng Asia solid core board and plywood (epoxy resin board,

Phenolic resin plates, granite, stainless steel tops, ceramics, etc. are available; the colors are black, gray and white for customers to choose.

Three: All-steel Central Experimental Bench Cabinet:

All steel cabinets in the central laboratory use 1.2mm-thick high-quality cold-rolled steel plate as the substrate mechanism. After pickling and phosphating, the surface is sprayed with epoxy resin electrostatic powder. The overall steady and reasonable, anti-acid anti-corrosion performance is excellent. Frame: The supporting beam is a 60*40mm cold-rolled rectangular steel pipe. The supporting column is a two-side welded steel pipe of the same specification and is embedded with a cold-rolled channel steel. The surface is electroplated with color zinc for rust pretreatment, and the mixture is pickled and phosphatized after carbon dioxide cold welding. Electrostatic powder sprayed epoxidized resin protective layer for acid and alkali corrosion resistant surface treatment, its protective layer adhesion through falling object impact test, static load> 250 kg, support column can be directly connected to the stand, without breaking the wall .

Reagent racks, laminates: 1.2mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet for the substrate mechanism molding, laminates for the 10mm thick frosted glass, double structure, with different height of the hole, according to the actual need to freely adjust the use of height.

Socket: Use laboratory-specific security products. Dustproof, splashproof, waterproof, anti-acid and other properties. The material is PC fire retardant.

Slides: The introduction of German technology, three heavy-duty ball slides, strong load-bearing, good sliding performance, no noise.

Hinge: Introduced British technology, 175° high quality chrome plated steel hinge.

Handle: One-line dark handle, aluminum alloy/PVC.

Sink: laboratory-specific high-quality PP sink, good acid and alkali resistance.

Spout: laboratory-specific water nozzle, copper porcelain valve core, the entire surface of the epoxy powder electrostatic spraying. Three laboratory leading faucets: Three laboratory leading faucets for testing, copper material, surface treated with EPOXY spray, anti-rust and anti-rust.

Adjustable combination of feet: with anti-skid, shock absorption, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong bearing capacity and so on.

Expert comments:

      Central laboratory bench C-type solid structure, column are used 40mm * 60mm (wall thickness 1.8mm, Shan Gang) square steel load bearing, corrosion resistance, easy combination of disassembly; waterproof cabinet, high safety factor in the experiment, strong and strong Experimental cabinet doors and drawers are all high-quality fireproof panels that are safer and more secure. The hinge adopts brand-name multi-forging positioning alloy hinges, bearing weight, durability, to achieve the international hardware industry standards that can withstand destructive experiments; test bench high-quality self-sliding load-carrying steel rails, a word handle, simple and more convenient.