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All-steel fume hoods in the purchase of practical tips

Feb 17, 2017

All-steel fume hoods as important in the biochemistry laboratory of experimental facilities have an important role, so you must select 認 really meet the technical indicators of the fume hood. When you purchase from the following considerations:

1, the use of drugs: when using organic reagents or other special tests, should fully consider the control speed.

2, heat: when when using the device with a heat source, heat beyond 2000 kcal/small to think about from time to time and then determine the amount of ventilation required to exhaust heat fan power.

3, there are radioactive materials or perchlorate tests: to choose special fume hoods, the air speed is necessary to set more than 0.5M/s.

4, when using large test equipment: to think useful, leaving the necessary space for the exhaust.

5 material: using special acid test, must think of a fume hood material, such as semiconductor professional corrosion corrosion information for professional, etc need to be made.

6, overall size: according to the test content selection of its overall size, bulky waste caused, with little use.