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Be wary of laboratory safety, the Beijing Jiaotong University laboratory is on fire!

Dec 28, 2018

At about 9:30 on December 26, 2018, an explosion occurred in a laboratory of the second teaching building of the East Campus of Beijing Jiaotong University, causing an open flame and a large amount of smoke. The fire was effectively controlled before 10 o'clock and was extinguished. casualties. It was verified that the fire explosion in the laboratory of Beijing Jiaotong University was mainly caused by the explosion of students in the laboratory of the school during the scientific research on landfill leachate wastewater treatment.


Why do college laboratory accidents happen repeatedly?

Based on a study of 100 laboratory accidents (71 colleges and universities) from 2001 to 2013, explosions, fires, and poisoning were the main types of laboratory safety accidents, accounting for 44%, 42%, and 6%, respectively.

The human causes of the accident include violation of operating procedures (27%), improper operation (12%), inadvertent operation or improper use (11%), which together accounted for half of the total number of accidents. The casualties caused by these three reasons are as high as 88%.


How should we avoid the risk of laboratory accidents?

1. Help laboratory personnel to enhance the safety awareness of the experiment, be alert to risks and prevent it; the school strengthens the investigation of major hidden dangers such as electric leakage and fire, and pays attention to strengthening the standardization of daily scientific research behaviors of teachers and students to avoid violations or improper operations. accident.

2. Implement safety education for freshmen in colleges and universities, and eliminate the “dead corners” of conducting experimental operations without training.

3. Supervise the laboratory to conduct self-inspection on a regular basis, and strengthen safety education through random trials, fire drills and other actual combat modes.

4. Form a system for laboratory personnel to report to the safety officer or tutor before conducting an experiment on holidays.

5. The laboratory should be standardized.

For laboratory safety issues, we should first be aware of and pay attention to it. The basic construction of the laboratory, supporting equipment, and laboratory safety management and operation must be standardized and professionalized to ensure a safe laboratory environment.


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