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Behind the rapid development of the laboratory is a strong country

Apr 21, 2018

In the recent past, people are most concerned about the Syrian outbreak of war. A strong country has diplomatic power, and the rapid development of laboratories requires a strong country.

At present, the development of laboratories in China has reached a rapid development model in recent years, including 4 national research centers, 82 national key laboratories and 219 key laboratories. The stable development of the country has promoted the development of laboratories, and the development of laboratories has also promoted the development of the country. Why is it so? While the State Key Laboratory is developing at scale, laboratory technologies and new scientific and technological achievements will emerge frequently. The emergence of new scientific and technological achievements will inevitably promote the development of the national economy. This complements each other and promotes mutual development. The outbreak of the war in Syria made us clearly understand that weak countries have no diplomacy. Only a strong country can have a say in the world, and the development of laboratories needs a strong country behind it. The construction and development of national key laboratories require the joint support of the national government, the education sector, and the industrial sector, as well as the effective integration of science and technology with education, science and technology, industry, science and technology, and society.

The rapid development of the State Key Laboratory requires the support of the State, and the development of the laboratory also brings about the development of the country.