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Biosafety laboratory safety equipment

Sep 11, 2018

The main safety protection equipment in the laboratory includes the following.

1, biological safety cabinet

According to the front airflow speed, air supply and air exhaust mode, the biosafety cabinet is divided into three types: I, II and III. According to the degree of damage of pathogenic microorganisms involved in each laboratory and the level of the laboratory

Line selection.


2, autoclave

The autoclave is the main equipment for the harmless treatment of toxic and harmful pollutants in the laboratory, and is also the key equipment to prevent the leakage of infectious substances in laboratory waste. Used for disinfection of laboratory exhaust pollutants

For the autoclave treated by the bacteria, it is recommended to use an automatic autoclave for steam internal circulation. Since the conventional steam-type autoclave needs to discharge cold air to the outside during the high pressure process, it is in the waste during the exhaust.

Pathogenic microorganisms will be discharged together with cold air, which will easily pollute the sterilization environment, leading to infections and potential safety hazards.

3, negative pressure fume hood (cover)

The main function of the negative pressure fume hood (cover) is to prevent the infectious material from overflowing during the centrifugation or open operation, which may pollute the environment or invade the experimenter. Also an effective physical suppression device,

It is required to install a high-efficiency filter at the vent of the negative pressure hood to capture infectious substances and prevent the escape of pathogenic infectious agents.

4, disinfection spray device

Bio-safety laboratory special equipment for disinfection, mainly using spray disinfection of formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid, ethylene oxide and other disinfectants. Its disinfection effect is better than UV disinfection and manual scrubbing disinfection

More thorough, it can also reduce the labor intensity of the experimenter. The laboratory can be selected according to the conditions and needs.

5. Other biosafety equipment

In addition to the above-mentioned bio-safety protection equipment, when purchasing experimental equipment such as centrifuges and freeze-drying, you should also try to select some equipment or models with bio-safety protection functions. Such as centrifuge optional

Models with bio-sealed rotors or vacuum filtration (high-efficiency filters), as well as flameless sterilization lamps to reduce the possibility of laboratory contamination.

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