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BOKA clean laboratory basic design ideas

Jul 05, 2018

The basic idea of clean laboratory design is economic, practical and environmentally friendly. The level of purification requirements is 10,000. The laboratory design has a pre-experiment preparation for the more, the second, the wind and the buffer. The principle of separation of people and logistics is adopted to reduce experimental pollution and ensure safety.


1. The arrangement is compact and reasonable, meeting the requirements of laboratory operation and air cleanliness level, and at the same time striving for the principle of scientificity and economy, considering the laboratory requirements and development and operating costs are optimal.

2. The air shower room is installed at the entrance of the clean room, which can effectively remove the dust from the human body and reduce the amount of dust in the clean room. At the same time, the air shower room also acts as an air lock to prevent the unclean air from entering the clean area from the door.

3, clean laboratory design needs to supply a certain proportion of fresh air to the room, clean and filter into the laboratories to compensate for the exhaust, to ensure positive pressure and staff needs.

4. The number of air return air is controlled by the air volume adjusting valve to control the area of different cleanliness level, and the pressure gradient is adjusted to ensure that the airflow flows to the “contaminated” area with the “clean” area, and the pressure difference between the different levels of the laboratory design of the clean room is designed. For ≥5pa, the pressure difference between clean room and outdoor is ≥10pa.

5. The clean room is equipped with a purple lamp sterilization device.

6, the transmission window is all stainless steel material, mechanical interlock control, internal sterilization device.

7. The observation window is a closed clean window, and the door is a gas-tight clean door.

8, power: AC220V/380V-50HZ.

9, indoor noise ≤ 60db (A).

10. The exhaust port is equipped with a high-efficiency filter, and the air supply port is equipped with a high-efficiency filter static pressure box to achieve clean air intake, and it is convenient to replace the high-efficiency filter.

11. Generally, the indoor air supply and exhaust air adopts the upper and lower discharge mode, and the indoor air exhaust port should be located in the area where the indoor pollution risk is the highest, and the one side is arranged without any obstacles.

12. The return air port automatically adjusts the indoor pressure with the residual pressure valve to maintain the positive pressure clean state.