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Boka-One-stop service for laboratory construction

Nov 22, 2018

The planning and construction of traditional laboratories requires enterprises and institutions to consume a large amount of manpower planning and design, and financial resources to analyze and form a design plan. Even if a service company is selected, only partial project services can be realized. Ultimately, enterprises and institutions need to spend energy to integrate these resources. In addition to the limitations of the service and the limitation of working time, in the process of laboratory construction, there will always be two types of omissions and delays in the design process that are not detailed enough, the planning is too general, the construction is unclear, and the understanding is not known. Design, construction and procurement, thus delaying, wasting manpower and financial resources.

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Therefore, enterprises and institutions with laboratory construction needs urgently need a professional team including laboratory engineering planners, test technology analysts, laboratory professional procurement personnel, and laboratory qualification personnel to carry out integrated planning and design, professional procurement, System construction and construction, complete qualification and other related laboratory integration construction services.

At present, the capital quality of the laboratory construction company is controlled by the laboratory equipment sales company, the laboratory furniture company, the laboratory reagent supply sales company, etc., and this complete set of services is required by the customers of the construction needs of each laboratory. Although the laboratory builders occasionally promote the "one-stop" selling point, they mainly collect equipment in the laboratory furniture, and it is not a one-stop service in the laboratory. The real “laboratory one-stop shop” can bring three benefits to customers.

1. Specialization and systemization of laboratory construction services;

The planned construction of the laboratory is based on the relevant national norms and norms, emphasizing the provision of professional and complete system engineering for the users, integrating the equipment and function requests of the laboratories of all levels, and each major is carried out according to a consistent plan and operating procedures. The system is an organic whole, and does not separate the systems from each other, posing a safety and operational hazard.

Second, the one-stop service of the laboratory construction is concise and efficient.

In combination with equipment suppliers, engineering contractors and service providers, the safety and standardization of the laboratory system can be guaranteed. Users do not need to think too much about the details of the system. All operations are handled by the project professional contractor. One-stop service simplifies operational processes, one-person acceptance, team operations, professional planning, integrated operations, and improved efficiency.

Third, the flow of laboratory construction of one-stop service, standardized;

A highly secure laboratory overall solution that is supplied in accordance with standardized planning and construction procedures and standardized operations. “Integrated treatment plan” consists of laboratory building layout and decoration system, air conditioning, ventilation, water supply and drainage, gas supply, electrical engineering, safety gathering and monitoring system, laboratory furniture and supporting equipment, user training, protection services, etc. Composition; contains all the processes of the induction laboratory construction: from the planning site selection in the early stage, to the planned construction of the internal system, to the training and delivery of the system, to the protection and protection in the later period.