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BOKA teaches you the details of the physics lab renovation notice

May 07, 2019

The laboratory is the cradle of science. To do the experiment well, the laboratory decoration must be done well. Physical laboratory decoration has strict requirements in all aspects, no matter the main part or the details, it can not be ignored. Today, BOKA Xiaobian has compiled the main points about the renovation of the physical laboratory for everyone.

lab furniture-09

Physical laboratory decoration points:

1. The whole polymer composite material is used, floor-standing, acid and alkali resistant, anti-corrosion, flame retardant, refurbished, no peeling, never rust, never deformed. Ventilation adopts four air ducts to exhaust harmful gases. Completely cleaned out.

2, laboratory decoration design cabinet cabinet - wooden substrate using high-quality environmentally friendly E1 grade MDF, thickness 15mm, double-sided adhesive pressure melamine board, all sheet cross section PVC hot melt adhesive waterproof sealing treatment, with mold molding special PVC dark handle. Install the national standard universal power control system.

Physical laboratory decoration details:

1. Hinges - It is made of special high-strength nylon hinges in laboratory. It has acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong bearing capacity, can bear more than 75kg, wear resistance, never rust and other excellent performance.

2, the foot - the use of load-bearing movable wheel configuration, and with stainless steel and nylon combined with adjustable fixed feet, with non-slip shock absorption, height adjustable, easy to move the function. Adjustable height 30-50mm, with a dust jacket .

3, the box door handle - the use of "mountain" type embedded PVC dark handle, PVC edge banding.

4, sink - dedicated PP sink, single nozzle and water separator.

In the laboratory decoration, we will face different laboratories. Each kind of laboratory will encounter various problems in the design and decoration process. The main points of the physical laboratory decoration are introduced here, I hope to help you. .