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CDC laboratory construction

Aug 06, 2018

How to build a CDC laboratory

First of all, we need to understand the functional characteristics of the laboratory: the CDC has different levels, mainly at the provincial, prefecture and county levels. The main functions of the disease control are limited implementation of disease prevention and control, experimental examination and evaluation, and public health emergencies. Emergency handling and other functions, so the state issued the latest opinion on the construction of CDC in 2013. The following is a summary and interpretation of BOKA's opinions: It is required that all regions should adhere to the principle of scientific rationality and practicality according to the actual situation, and build a standardized, intelligent and humanized laboratory based on the factors such as the number and content of the service population and the regional economic level. It is necessary to meet the existing basic needs as well as due consideration of future development needs.

(1) Preferred laboratory construction area requirements: the provincial level accounts for not less than 41% of the total area, the land level is not less than 40%, and the county level is not less than 35%, so it is necessary to maximize the use efficiency of the use; Improve the experimental process with the opinions of the operator.


(2) Build corresponding functional laboratories according to different functions, such as provincial requirements for P3 laboratory, molecular biology laboratory, intestinal bacterial testing laboratory, foodborne pathogen laboratory, food, medicine, cosmetics, water quality Such as health products microbiology laboratory, occupational health testing room, etc., the prefecture-level county level according to actual needs for the construction of projects and experiments, of which laboratory construction must be carried out according to the P2 standard, the configuration of appropriate functions to ensure the smooth progress of the experiment!


(3) General layout requirements: BOKA laboratory has made a summary, the first choice is that the laboratory location is convenient for transportation, convenient for service to the city, and secondly; avoid drinking water source protection area. Finally, away from noise, electromagnetic fields, biological and other pollution source-level flammable and explosive places.


(4) Regarding the internal layout requirements of the laboratory, Wolin Lab concluded that the office area is relatively independent from the experimental area; the microbial area in the physical and chemical area is relatively independent to avoid cross-infection;


(5) Laboratory environment requirements Wolin laboratory concluded that: clean grade, temperature and humidity, pressure gradient, supply and exhaust, strong and weak electricity, etc. should meet the requirements of the specification;


(6) Other details Laboratory use process management and attention issues A develop laboratory early warning, shutdown, self-help and escape programs, experimental safety is the most important factor; according to aerosol characteristics and experimental operation risks, develop cleanliness, airflow Flow direction, flow rate and pressure difference gradient parameters; the laboratory of the experimental animal is self-contained, and it is transmitted independently. The animal carcass must be completely sterilized before it can be transmitted;


(7) Regarding laboratory skills, Wolin Lab recommends that all experimental equipment, tools, cabinets, and number of cases be determined according to the characteristics and pollution pathways of the four types of pathogens, and the control technical scheme and sterilization and sterilization scheme should be determined; A good preparation can solve various problems;