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Characteristics of laboratory experiments and fume hoods

Feb 17, 2017

Experiments in organic synthesis, generally divided into central laboratory bench and side table. Place oven, electronic scales and vacuum systems.

Central experiment composed, reagent shelves and sink cabinet. Tops, shelves of reagents and reagent by corrosion, solvent-resistant chemical Board made, sink cabinet at one end of the table, or the Center, placed above the tank glass instruments drop.

Designed experiments below the countertop to cabinets or drawers, multilayer drawers height increasing order from top to bottom, to classify place a wide variety of instruments and supplies. Each drawer as needed, to vertical or horizontal segregation, to hold supplies and glassware. Test-bed installation of gas piping, low pressure nitrogen gas pipe and fixed-rail station.

For ease of use and management, test-bed can be divided into several units (regions). Experiment platform for response preparedness, treatment and simple test reaction operation carried out in a hood.

Fume hood is the implementation of synthesis of special space, cupboard under the distribution pipes and a small pool. Installed near the back wall of the hood vertical rail mount, fixed synthetic instruments. Various valves, electrical switch mounted outside conveniently.

In addition, the openings on the lab wall or window, set the ventilation fan configuration fire equipment.