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Classification of Transfer Windows in Laboratory System Purification Equipment

Jul 12, 2019

As we all know, large-scale places such as school laboratories, scientific research laboratories, and hospitals have high requirements for the cleanliness of the air environment in order to improve the accuracy of research data and the success rate of research and development, and have reached a very demanding level. Among them, in addition to purification equipment such as clean rooms and air showers, the pass-box also plays an important role in the laboratory system and the hospital's purification equipment series. Today we will take a look at the content related to the transfer window!

Mainly understand the product classification, working principle and components.

1.Interlocking Pass-box


Interlocking pass-box is a kind of clean room auxiliary equipment. Both ends can be opened and closed at the same time to ensure the transfer of materials between the clean area and the area, between the clean area and the non-clean area, and the number of times the clean room is opened can be reduced. The pollution to the clean room is minimized.

2.Laminar Pass-box


Laminar pass- box is used for occasions of restrict cleanliness control, such as Center for Decease Prevention, bio-pharmaceuticals, scientific research institution. It is a separation device to prevent cross contamination of air betweenclean-rooms.

Operating principle: whenever the door of lower grade clean-room is open, pass-box is going to supply laminar flow andfilter airborne particles out of workspace air with fan and HEPA, so as to ensure that air of higher grade clean-room is notcontaminated by workspace air. In addition, regularly sterilizing workspace surface with ultraviolet germicidal lamp,bacterial growth in workspace is effectively prevented.

3.Air Showing Pass-box


   Air-shower Pass-box is designed according to themodel of the air shower; the air blown out quickly by the fanwill become clean air passing through the high efficiencyfilter; the clean air is sprayed out of the stainless steel sprayheader with the speed over 20M/S, which can be used toremovethe dust particles adhesive to the surface of the objecteffectively  and rapidly. After the double filtration bycirculating air and primary efficiency filter, the effect ofpurification is notable with strong usability.