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Clean room new employees need to pay attention

Mar 24, 2018

1, to ensure the cleanliness of clean clothes, no loopholes; zipper closure is not strict and real-time to control the timely replacement.
2, before entering the clean room must wear masks, masks do not have to leak out of the nose, to ensure that the reinforcement wire up, leave the clean room after coming in again need to replace the new masks Oh.
3. Wear anti-static gloves or fingertips before entering or leaving the clean room. Ten fingers must be worn on the finger sleeve. When replacing, you must throw the used fingers into the designated storage box or trash bin. Do not throw it away. Affects the cleanliness and hygiene of the workshop. 4, in the workshop can not chase slapstick, bouncing, can not run, because it will provoke dust.
5, before the job to check their own employment license is good, the static electricity ring has not kept the power flow; first check the table, do 5S, testing the post of various equipment is normal, check the production line is clean and operating normally Whether the tool has been cleaned or not, the dispenser maintains a pressure of 2 to 4 bar and a solder paste time of 0.1 to 0.2 seconds. It is determined whether to use a high-temperature solder paste or a low-temperature solder paste, and ensure that it is used within the warm-up time range. Electric iron leakage voltage <0.5V, grounding resistance <20 ohms, soldering iron temperature is maintained at 250 ~ 290 °C or 350 ~ 390 °C. Keep 1.5 square feet of ground at the foot of your job, keep the work platform clean and tidy, and strictly enforce the 5S system. Before going off work, you must do a good job in the shifts in the job responsibilities of the job or pay attention to the work. A tidy job.
6. Work is also a part of life. People who love life must love their work and find a job that suits them. This is the first prerequisite for every employee to do a good job.
7. Because the new employee is unfamiliar with the job or because he has not yet mastered the job function or skills, there may be a feeling that he will go to the workshop and get into a job and sweat, and then lazy to eat after work; Visiting, do not know how to do, ah, always feel the speed up after sitting on the job, can not keep up with the Festival, the last tired, ah, back pain after work, and even do not want to eat rice.
8, explanation: leaving the post, string posts, set posts, transfer posts, change posts, as well as posts and laid off.

9, explain the 5S movement.
 Organize: Distinguish between wanted and unwanted items, and strengthen the management of space;
 Reorganize: Set and manage common and infrequent items, set fixtures, access convenience, and visual management, and strengthen time management;
 Cleaning: Thoroughly clean the workplace and equipment, and clean up their own things to eliminate dirt and prevent pollution.
 Cleanliness: The previous three items were the most basic of the 5S. After careful preparation and cleaning, they showed that they could be kept clean at any time anywhere in the workplace or in the workshop environment;
 Literacy: After sorting out and rectifying and cleaning up, it is literacy that is presented to all employees of the company. Literacy also means whether employees can maintain SOP/SIP standardization operations, can they act according to the company’s regulations, and have no good work. Habits and so on.
10. Explain the checklist and fill in the specifications.
11. Explain the explanations of various processes and numbers on the process card.
12, scheduling schedules, scheduling kanban view, learn to see scheduling and schedule production according to scheduling.
13, pay attention to fire safety and fire drills, do not bring explosive flammable items to the workshop, alcohol bottles, alcohol bottles, etc. should be covered after the lid on the chemical storage bins, tin paste needles should also put chemical waste bins classification.