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Common laboratory equipment gas chromatographic system types

Mar 23, 2018

The common laboratory equipment gas chromatography system has two types: single-column single-gas and dual-column gas.

The so-called gas path refers to the flow path that the carrier gas passes from the gas cylinder to the detector.

The single-column single-air circuit has a simple structure, convenient operation, only one gas path, only one injection port, and only one column. Laboratory gas chromatographs such as the domestic 102G type and the US HP-4890 type belong to this type.

The dual-column dual gas circuit divides the regulated or steady-state carrier gas into two columns and enters the respective column and detector. There are two injection gates, columns, detectors, and gas lines. The equipment instrument is suitable for temperature increase of the program and can compensate for the noise generated due to the temperature change and the loss of the stationary phase at high temperature and improve the stability of the instrument.

Now commonly used laboratory equipment chromatograph - proud of this dual-column dual gas, such as domestic SP-3420, the United States HP-5890, HP-6890, Japan Shimadzu GC-14B, GC-17A and so on.

In the actual analysis, the number of inlets and detectors configured on the mainframe of the laboratory equipped chromatograph can be mastered by the user. Users only need to notify the manufacturer of the instrument before purchasing the instrument.