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Do you know about a Class 3 biological safety cabinet?

Jun 20, 2018

The Class III biological safety cabinet provides absolute safety guarantees that Class I and Class II safety cabinets cannot provide. All Class 3 biological safety cabinets are and fully enclosed. The experiment was performed completely through the front window gloves. During the daily operation, the inside of the cabinet will always maintain a negative pressure. Even in the event of a physical pollution prevention system failure, it can.


All Class 3 biological safety cabinets are protected by the clean air filtered by the HEPA filter and prevent sample cross-contamination. Exhaust gas is usually filtered through HEPA. Or use two HEPA filters side by side. The items required for the experiment were fed into the cabinet along with the isolation channel placed on the side of the cabinet. Level 3 safety cabinets usually direct the exhaust gas to the laboratory. However, air can also be discharged directly to the outside environment through an external exhaust pipe. When using an exhaust piping system, a three-level safety cabinet is also suitable for microbiological operations that require the addition of toxic chemicals during the test. All Class 3 biological safety cabinets can be used in microbiological factor experiments involving levels of biosafety at levels one, two, three and four.