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Effective all-steel fume hood exhaust

Feb 17, 2017

All-steel fume hoods as important equipment of the laboratories, in the experiment of the effect of which is to control the hazardous substance leaks and ensure the safety of experiments. Fume hood control surface wind speeds need to be controlled. The experiment, we will often have opened the doors of the operation, when the surface wind speed will be accelerated because of the Cabinet opening, it will affect the test results and ventilation effect.

Most of the experiment was ended in the fume hood. Fume hood closed can make experiments attack total control of harmful substances in the fume hood. Through the fume hood tests and query operations and query holes, and the fume hood exhaust fan, to reduce the pressure in the mask to prevent attacks caused some reaction and heat source pressure overflow of hazardous substances.

According to the noxious gas density air density and size are not the same, fume hood there are many methods and different local application of different methods of fume hood. Fume hood primary methods include: upper exhaust fume hood, exhaust hood in the lower part, the upper and lower joint exhaust fume hood. Together, there are energy-saving gas-type fume hood.

Fume hood face velocity is the primary specification for measuring fume hood function, it refers to the fume hood opening doors of uniform inlet flow and fume hood face velocity of the selected rule is: to keep the harmful gases cannot escape from within the Cabinet, to prevent the onset of turbulent flow in a fume hood.