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Experiment bench customization needs precautions

Apr 08, 2018

1. Indistinct pricing

The pricing model of a custom bench is generally: the actual usage of the material × unit price + main assembly cost = total price. When manufacturers quote prices, they often tell consumers only the price of materials used per square meter. When making accessories, handles, guide rails, hinges, etc. are collected separately. If the consumer does not ask clearly, he only calculates the price according to the amount of material used, and the customized finished product will definitely exceed the budget.


2. Hands and feet on the scale and quantity

   For example, the designer's ruler is based on the expanded area. Three items and five items are added. Complex algorithms can easily confuse consumers. Therefore, when the designer measures the size, the consumer should first measure it in advance, so as to avoid the manufacturer from falsifying the size and virtually increase the purchase cost. Consumers must verify the data provided by the manufacturers. If there are two drawings, one no problem does not mean that the other is no problem, and the complex drawings can not be taken care of.

3. Play tricks on materials

   At present, the experimental platform is mainly divided into three kinds of steel, steel, wood, the first consumer to ask the manufacturer's product material, when signing the contract must also be written. When selecting materials, consumers must also do their homework in advance, or identify with friends who are knowledgeable and must not listen to the manufacturers.


4 hardware accessories should pay attention

   Consumers should pay attention to materials and other issues in the selection of hardware accessories. Because if the custom test bench is of poor hardware accessories, it is prone to problems such as derailment, insufficient smoothness, and excessive noise, while a good test bench will not vibrate when sliding, and it will have smooth texture.

   Shenzhen Furuid Laboratory Equipment Co., Ltd. reminds us that custom-made test benches are not only products but also services. A well-designed designer will listen carefully to your design needs and make reasonable and efficient products. At present, the quality of the test bench is 3 to 5 years, and the big brands generally have a shelf life of 5 years. However, it should be noted that the five-year warranty period generally refers to cabinets or door panels, and the warranty period for hardware is often only one year.