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Experimental building laboratory building points

Aug 03, 2018

The experimental building is a large system and a large environment that are organically combined by more than a dozen professional subsystems. It is not a simple combination of architecture, instrumentation and furniture. Before the experimental building begins to design and build, it is necessary to complete the research, planning, and design of the laboratory in advance.


At present, there is a common phenomenon in the construction of domestic laboratories, that is, civil engineering design and construction are started without comprehensive and meticulous laboratory design, which brings about a systemic problem. For example, the building modulus does not meet the requirements (the space, depth, height, and corridor dimensions of the building cannot meet the process requirements of the laboratory); the building roof and the local floor load and seismic indicators with special requirements cannot meet the equipment requirements; The location and size of professional exhaust shafts, electric wells, water supply wells and gas supply pipe wells cannot meet the requirements of professional construction; the distribution load of the building is not enough; the building does not have an independent laboratory drainage network, or the location and quantity are not satisfied. Requirements, as well as unconstructed wastewater conditioning tanks; no consideration for laboratory replenishment, clean laboratory fresh air and constant temperature and humidity fresh air introduction; because of poor consideration, the imported equipment is not ideally placed, or supporting water, electricity and gas Not in place, etc., burying hidden dangers for the later laboratory construction (many of the completed projects in China have more or less the above similar problems, which has increased the construction cost to some extent, delaying the project construction period and affecting the expected results) .



In fact, the building is only a carrier for the functional requirements of the laboratory. The loading is experimental furniture and equipment to serve the professional needs of the laboratory. Therefore, before the civil engineering planning and design, we must first formulate the overall plan of the laboratory, determine the purpose, task, basis and scale of the laboratory construction, determine the various laboratory functions, process conditions and scale, and determine the needs of the near and long term. Equipment, as well as supporting environmental requirements. After all aspects of work are ready, comprehensively meet the basic requirements of each major, take care of all aspects, and then proceed with the design and construction of civil engineering, avoid errors from the source, and the laboratory construction in the later stage can be achieved.