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frp fume hood features

Apr 12, 2018

First, the characteristics of FRP fume hood

1, FRP has a wide range of corrosion resistance, it applies to the acid and alkali gas, toxic and harmful gases and organic solvent gases and produce dust in operational positions and occasions. With electrical insulation properties, corrosion resistance, excellent heat resistance and other characteristics. There is no dead space in the whole space, with high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, heat resistance (100-300 °C function;

2. Operation table top: 12.7mm thick VIA solid core physicochemical board, resistant to acid and alkali, anti-humidity and impact resistance.

3, adjust the door: two-section safety tempered glass, no balance of lifting, can be pulled up and down at any position.

4, lighting equipment: anti-corrosion fluorescent lamp, light source and gas isolation, table illumination greater than 400 lumens.

5, operating panel: lighting switch, fan ON / OFF switch, 220V, 10A multi-purpose socket two.

6, light weight, high strength: fiberglass can withstand long-term temperature of 80 °C, short-term can be up to 130 °C, glass fiber oxygen index ≥ 30, is a non-flammable material.

7, anti-aging, long life: the general situation of class use more than 15 years

Second, when using the fume hood precautions

1. The level of installation and adjustment of the fume hood must be in place, otherwise it will affect the balance of window adjustment.

2. The electrical part must be properly installed by electricians. The wiring of the fan must pay attention to the turning of the fan blades, and the wind direction must not be reversed.

3. The standard surface speed of the fume hood is 0.5m/s.

4. Lamps and fans must maintain normal operation under all circumstances. The scope of work must be clean and tidy.

5. When testing, the fan must be turned on beforehand.

6, the window up and down adjustment directly affects the size of the air volume, when you need to adjust the entire window up and down, please move the sliding door glass.

7, to the normal closed position, or will affect the effectiveness of the exhaust cabinet.

8. To prevent the risk of fire and explosion caused by spark, it is not recommended to use the socket in the hood of the fume hood.

9. It is recommended that ventilated countertops should not be exposed to flame or heat-producing objects for long periods of time. Otherwise, the performance of the countertop may be degraded or damaged.

10. Do not put the head into the fume hood under any circumstances.

11. For any test operation, the glass door must be pulled down to protect it.

12. After use, the protective glass door must be pulled down.

13, when the fume hood can not work properly, the need for professional maintenance.