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Sep 07, 2017

Many people think that laboratory room is very simple ,one or two bench put there is enough . But actually laboratory room is a system engineering ,a whole laboratory planning space layout .laboratory experimental area must meet some certain space standard 


1, the indoor net height

Nomally ,laboratory and research room indoor net height is : when not set up air conditioning, should not be less than 2.70m; set the air conditioning should not be less than 2.40m. The height of the aisle should not be less than 2.20m. The indoor net height of the special laboratory shall be determined to  the requirements size, laboratory equipment installation and maintenance 

2, the wideth of the room

Nomally , laboratory standard unit spacing should be determined by the width of the lab bench, layout planning and spacing. lab bench layout standard is the open not less than 6.6m

3, the depth of the room

standard laboratory room unit depth should determined by the length of the lab bench, the fume hood and the experimental equipment, and should not be less than 6.60m. No fume hood should be less than 5.70m.

4, windows

Set up heating and air conditioning scientific laboratory building, in order to meet the requirements of lighting requirements, should reduce the window area. The air-conditioned laboratory windows should have good airtightness and heat insulation, and should be set not less than 1/3 of the window area can be opened sash. Bottom, semi-basement and basement windows should be taken for pest control and rodent control.

5, the door

The width of the labs consisting of 1/2 standard units shall not be less than 1 m and the height shall not be less than 2.10 m. The width of the door of a laboratory consisting of one or more standard units shall not be less than 1.20 m and the height shall not be less than 2.10 m. The size of the door with special requirements should be determined on a specific situation.laboratory should provied with observation windows .

6, equipment spacing

the net distance of the wall bench which is on the side of the wall shall not be less than 1.50 m. When the side wall to change to put the detoxification cabinet or laboratory equipment, and the distance of  the other side of the bench between the net distanc shall not be less than 1.80 m .between the side lab bench arranged on both sides of the wall and the island or peninsula-type central test bed arranged in the middle of the room. When disposing the detoxification cabinet or laboratory equipment, the clearance between the test bench and the test bench shall not be less than 1.80m. The clearance between the end of the test bed and the aisle wall shall not be less than 1.20 m.

7, experimental bench layout

Common experimental platform with island or peninsula-style central experimental platform, while the bench. Should not be attached to the window with the external layout of the experimental bench, island or peninsula-type central experimental platform should not be arranged parallel to the outer window. Must be arranged parallel to the outer window, the distance between the wall and the external wall should not be less than 1.30m.

According to the different requirements of users, according to ergonomic principles, make full use of environmental space, well-designed laboratory construction more security, humanity and environmental protection as a whole, fully embodies the ergonomic principles. Boldly to the green laboratory design, laboratory intelligent control and other fields to explore research and development, people-oriented laboratory planning and design basis. So that our professional and service to achieve the level of tailor-made, safe and comfortable laboratory construction environment is our common pursuit.