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How to carry out the renovation of the laboratory waterway project?

Nov 02, 2018

Whether the laboratory decoration is qualified or not requires us to conduct inspection and inspection. Today we will talk about the installation design ideas and acceptance criteria of the laboratory waterway project. I hope to help you.

The laboratory indoor water supply and drainage inspection items include: pipeline slope, interface, bracket, and pipe fittings.

lab furniture 9.14

1. Indoor water supply project

The pressure test results of each system, the pressure meets the design requirements, and there is no leakage. Pipes must be cleaned, and pipes and supports (piers) are not on frozen soil or decayed soil.

(1) Pipeline slope

Qualified: The positive and negative deviation of the slope does not exceed 1/3 of the slope value of the design. The installation is horizontal and vertical, and the wall and elevation are basically in compliance with the regulations.

Excellent: the slope meets the design requirements and is uniform, and the wall and elevation are in compliance with the regulations.

(2) Pipeline interface

<1>Wire connection

Qualified: The pipe thread machining accuracy meets the requirements of the national standard "pipe thread". The thread is clean and regular, and the broken wire or missing wire is not more than 10% of the full thread of the thread. The connection is firm, the exposed thread at the root, the galvanized pipe has no weld, the thread is clean and regular, the pipe fitting is correct, and the galvanized pipe has no welded joint.

Excellent: on the basis of qualified, the thread is not broken; the galvanized layer of the galvanized pipe and the pipe is not damaged, the exposed thread is well preserved and has no defects such as exposed oil and linen.

<2>Flange connection

Qualified: butt joints are parallel and tight, perpendicular to the centerline of the pipe, and the screw exposes the nut; the pad material conforms to the design requirements and construction specifications and has no double layer, and the flange type meets the requirements.

Excellent: On the basis of the qualification, the nut is on the same side, and the length of the screw exposed by the screw is the same, and is not more than one-half of the diameter of the screw.


Qualified: weld flatness, weld reinforcement surface meets construction specifications; no burnt-through on weld surface; cracks and obvious nodules, slag inclusions and pores.

Excellent: On the basis of qualification, the welding wave is uniform and there is no nodulation, slag inclusion and pores on the surface of the weld.

<4> Undertake, ferrule.

Qualified: The interface structure and the packing used meet the design requirements and construction specifications; the gray mouth is dense and full, the edge of the filler recessed into the socket is not more than 2mm, the apron joint is straight and not twisted; the gap is accurate and the fitting is correct.

Excellent: On the basis of qualification, the gap of the ring gap is uniform, the gray mouth is smooth and smooth, and the curing is good. The rebound gap of the apron joint meets the construction specifications.

(3) Pipe bracket

Qualified: The structure is correct, the burial is flat and firm, the position is reasonable, and the elevation spacing meets the requirements. The type of paint and the number of passes are in accordance with the design requirements; good adhesion, no peeling, blistering and leaking.

Excellent: on the basis of qualified, neatly arranged, the bracket and the tube are in close contact with each other, the thickness of the paint film is uniform, the color is consistent, and there is no runny and pollution.

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