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How to choose the material of the chemical laboratory ventilation system?

Aug 16, 2018

Chemical laboratory exhaust is corrosive. The choice of materials should first consider corrosion protection, or anti-corrosion measures, including fans, ducts, silencers, etc...

The anti-corrosion of the fan can be selected from a FRP fan, but the epoxy of the common material is sprayed with epoxy resin. FRP fans are generally centrifugal fans, cabinets, mixed flow and axial fans can not be made of fiberglass. However, the centrifugal fan generally occupies a large space, and its sound is not as low as that of the cabinet fan. Therefore, it can be determined according to the degree of corrosion of the gas discharged from different laboratories.


The following principles can generally be used:

1. Fume hood exhaust system: its exhaust fan should generally choose FRP centrifugal fan

2. Other exhaust systems: Fans that discharge corrosive gases should generally choose FRP centrifugal fans; fans that emit less corrosive gases, or fans that are more corrosive but use less time, can use spray rings Oxygen resin cabinet centrifugal fan, so that the occupied building space and operating noise can be controlled to a certain extent.

3, additional muffler, valve, air duct support and other accessories should be seated anti-corrosion treatment.

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