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How to improve the detection level of medical laboratories is critical

Aug 25, 2018

The quality and efficiency of laboratory testing is critical to achieving effective, timely clinical decisions and optimal treatment outcomes. The data show that 60% of clinical medical decisions rely on diagnostic results, so it is especially important to further improve laboratory testing and improve the quality and speed of inspection reports.


How to meet the clinical and patient's demands for testing accuracy and timeliness at the same time, so as to further improve the quality and speed of the inspection report, has become an urgent problem to be solved in the laboratory. The data shows that 60% of clinical medical decisions depend on diagnostic results.


Accurate and rapid test results help clinicians develop effective individualized treatment options, giving patients better care and effective disease management measures. In this process, every test report provided by the laboratory for patients has become an important reference for clinical diagnosis and treatment.


With the increasing diversification of laboratory testing programs and the significant increase in testing volume, the requirements for doctors and patients are increasing. How to meet the requirements of testing reliability and timeliness is a serious challenge for current laboratory construction and management. .


In order to further optimize the whole process automation management of the laboratory and meet the higher requirements of future clinical and doctor-patient testing, Roche Diagnostics has developed a new generation of laboratory, which has realized the whole process of sample automation upgrade on the original basis, improving the overall detection efficiency and reducing the work. Amount and reagent waste. The inspectors can master all the samples of the department from time to time, no need to worry about the uncontrollable sample reporting time, difficult sample search, manual operation errors, etc., and improve the quality of the test.


In recent years, with the continuous improvement of China's scientific research level, testing instruments and testing technologies have gradually diversified, bringing convenience to various testing fields. As the key to clinical decision-making, laboratory testing has strict requirements. In order to meet the higher requirements of future clinical and doctor-patient testing, it is necessary to improve the overall testing level of the laboratory to ensure the accuracy of clinical decision-making.