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How to keep the fume hood long life

Sep 01, 2017

Fume hood have been widely used in recent years, it is the most commonly used in the laboratory of  local exhaust equipment, variety, because of its different structure, the use of different conditions, the exhaust effect is not the same. So, what should you pay attention to the maintenance of the fume hood?


BOKA lab system Tech Co.,Ltd technical staff to do the following summary:

 1. before the start of the experiment, you must determine the fume hood should be running in order to carry out experimental operations. Before the end of the experiment to continue to run for at least 5 minutes before closing the fan to discharge the residual gas in the pipeline. May consider the installation of exhaust time delay, to ensure that the fan delay operation. 

2. During the experiment, do not put any equipment in the window from the glass window 150mm, large experimental equipment should have sufficient space, should not affect the air flow, the front window should close for use . 

3. In the use of special acid experiments, to consider the fume hood materials, such as the semiconductor industry, the corrosion industry, etc. must be made of corrosion-resistant materials. 

4.When using organic matter or other special reagent experiments, to fully consider its control wind speed. Heat source: When using a heat source device, the heat of more than 2000 kcal / hour to consider the amount of ventilation required to remove the ventilation to determine the power of the fan. 

5. In the laboratory construction, select the fume hood and determine the installation location of the fume hood, according to the experimental content to select the type of fume hood, material, shape, etc., usually have to consider.