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How to maintain the laboratory furniture biosafety cabinet regularly

Dec 03, 2018

In the previous two articles, we have introduced the precautions and handling issues for the use of laboratory furniture biosafety cabinets. The following BOKA Xiaobian introduces the method of regular maintenance of biosafety cabinets:

1. Replace the pre-filter every three months.

2. Replace the UV lamp once a year.


3. When one of the following conditions occurs, the biosafety cabinet should be inspected on site: after the biosafety laboratory is completed, the biosafety cabinet has been installed before being put into use; after the biosafety cabinet is moved, after the biosafety cabinet is inspected; After the biosafety cabinet is replaced with a high-efficiency filter; the biological safety cabinet is routinely tested annually. On-site testing shall be performed by qualified personnel in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for the performance and integrity of each biosafety cabinet to verify compliance with national standards. Safety cabinet protection should be evaluated for safety cabinet integrity, HEPA filter leakage, vertical airflow speed, working window airflow and average wind speed, negative pressure/ventilation times, airflow smoke patterns, and alarms and interlocks. The system is tested. You can also choose to conduct leakage, illuminance, UV intensity, noise level, and vibration testing. In conducting these tests, the inspectors are specially trained to use specialized techniques and equipment. It is highly recommended that the test be conducted by a qualified professional.

Sterility tests were performed weekly using a similar method for airborne counts.

The biosafety cabinet must remove contamination before moving and replacing the filter. The most common method is to use formaldehyde fumigation, which should be removed by qualified professionals.