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How To Select Low Price But High Quality Hospital Cabinet?

Jul 10, 2019

As a large public place, the hospital's facilities are very complicated. Furniture used for cleaning, scientific research, and laboratory testing varies widely. Next, let's take a look at how to get high quality products at a favorable low price for hospital cabinets that are frequently used.

Usually we divide hospital cabinets into two categories, daily use cabinets and safety cabinets.

1.General Storage Cabinet

This kind of cabinet is usually used to store some materials, including storage chemicals, drugs, logistics equipment and archives. It is often placed in a ventilated and dry place. It is recommended to use wooden cabinets. The cabinet is made of wood, and the surface and interior are usually painted, which not only improves the cost performance, but also enhances the aesthetics and durability of the product.


  a.Chemecal Storage Cabinet


  b.Vessel Cabinet


  c.Locker Cabinet


2.Safety Cabinet


Safety cabinets usually must have good protection and durability. The explosion-proof cabinets are used to store flammable and explosive materials, and the dangerous goods and safety zones are isolated. The life safety cabinets are used to operate primary cultures, strains and diagnostics. When infectious specimens and other infectious materials are used, they are designed to protect the operator, the laboratory environment, and the experimental materials from exposure to infectious aerosols and spills that may occur during the above operations. Therefore, this type of cabinet is usually made of steel, in most cases stainless steel, with excellent isolation and protection.

  d.Flammable Safety Cabinet

flammable cabinet-07


  e.Biological Safety Cabinet


In short, when choosing a cabinet, you must choose according to the actual use and the environment. Depending on local conditions, you will get a good quality and low price product.