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how to transform the laboratory ventilation system

Jul 18, 2018

The smell of the laboratory is generally unbearable. If the ventilation system of the laboratory is not well reformed, then our staff will be intolerable inside, and even if it is serious, it will cause gas poisoning, so Xiaobian thinks The renovation of the laboratory's ventilation system must be strictly in accordance with the regulations. So how to transform the laboratory ventilation system, let's listen to the editor's opinion below!

Exhaust air in laboratories and factories usually uses multiple fume hoods. The use of fume hoods is flexible. The air volume of centralized exhaust fans should be able to adapt to the flexibility of fume hoods. Therefore, the design and implementation of the laboratory ventilation system must consider the variable and variable problems of the laboratory exhaust, and take the necessary measures to automatically adjust the exhaust air volume of the exhaust system to meet the cleanliness requirements of the laboratory. The requirement for variable air volume.

If you want to successfully complete a laboratory ventilation retrofit, you must redesign the existing ventilation system. The design process is very important. Because with the continuous development and progress of various engineering, the reappearance of advanced technology ten years ago may seem like a joke now, so if you want to make the overall ventilation of the laboratory better, it is necessary to re-scientific ventilation system. Rationalized design is the only way.


Once again, during the entire construction process, the level of materials will directly affect the refurbishment of the laboratory. If we want to make the next decade more practical and scientific than the previous decade, then It is inevitable that we need to pay more attention to the materials used. Only by using the most suitable construction materials, we can guarantee the perfection of the project after the construction is completed, and finally the laboratory staff can be satisfied.

Finally, the organizers of our station differentiated the optimized design according to the function of the laboratory and formed a laboratory rectification plan. Try to improve the laboratory ventilation system without affecting the daily work, replace all external pipelines, repair the damaged controller, and take targeted treatment measures for different types of exhaust gas from the perspective of protecting the surrounding environment. The activated carbon adsorption device and the washing tower will further increase the engineering supervision to ensure that the laboratory ventilation system is installed in time.

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