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Improve the safety management system of laboratory

Feb 17, 2017

(1) clear managerial responsibilities and implement the safety responsibility system. No management, security is not guaranteed. In laboratory safety management work, first to straighten out the system, clear management function, should consist of a specialized agency responsible for the safety management of laboratory work, under the direction of the competent principal laboratories in charge of school safety. Unit leaders are responsible for the security of the unit, set up a Department safety leadership group, a dedicated security personnel, lab or research group assigned safety personnel, formed a longitudinal, transverse to the edge, closely linked to the security management of network systems. Chain of signing safety responsibility, implementation of responsibility for security at all levels.

(2) improve emergency mechanisms, improve the ability of emergency disposal. To effectively respond to a variety of emergencies that may endanger the security of the State of emergency and make scientific, perfect plan is key to preventing accidents. Emergency measures include organizational mechanisms, emergency response, incident handling step, and so on. Walkthrough if necessary to ensure that once an accident happens, to take immediate and effective response, with the fastest speed, lowest cost control of events and accidents to a minimum.

(3) the establishment of incentive mechanism of rewards and punishments. Laboratory safety work is tedious and arduous, meticulous and long, and difficult to see. Therefore, the establishment of effective incentive mechanism is also essential. Effective incentive mechanisms such as appraisal, reward and punishment, to strengthen staff awareness of safety, improving them to participate in security management work.