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Independent medical laboratory has more room for development

Sep 19, 2018

China's independent medical laboratory started late, but its development momentum is good and its scale is growing. In the next five years, independent laboratories are expected to usher in rapid growth, with a compound annual growth rate of nearly 50%. In particular, the community-based model of independent medical laboratories is compatible with China's medical and health system and has a broader space for development.


The independent medical laboratory first appeared in the 1950s and 1960s, and was established by the United States. Subsequently, European countries followed suit. Today, independent medical laboratories have become quite large and have formed a comprehensive monitoring and management system.


Relatively speaking, China's independent medical laboratory started late, while the scale is small and the number is small. In the 1980s, China had a testing service center, but the testing content was limited and had little impact.


Until the beginning of the 21st century, the health administrative department approved the establishment of the Guangzhou Jinyu Medical Testing Center, marking the official landing of the independent medical laboratory in China, which also became the first independent medical laboratory approved in China.


After years of development, the public's understanding of independent medical laboratories is no longer unfamiliar, and the market penetration has been greatly improved. It can be said that the independent medical laboratory has gradually transitioned from the initial exploration period to the growth period.


In the next five years, the independent medical laboratory is expected to continue its rapid development under the continuous optimization of external conditions, including the strengthening of primary medical institutions, the maturity of molecular diagnostics, and the downward adjustment of test items.


According to the analysis of China's independent medical laboratory industry development prospects and investment strategic planning analysis report released by Prospective Industry Research Institute, in the next 5 years, independent laboratories will account for more than 10% of clinical tests, and the compound annual growth rate will be close to 50%. . At least 7 times more room for growth than it is now.


To achieve the above development goals, we can start from three aspects. First, cooperate with the government. The independent medical laboratory and the government health management department have the same goal, all in order to solve the problem of "difficult to see a doctor", so the two sides have a good basis for cooperation.


Second, work with the community. Through the community model, the independent medical laboratory can stimulate the growth of demand to the greatest extent, effectively avoiding the repeated inspection costs of patients, making the entire medical ecosystem related groups more convenient and has broad development space.


Third, deep integration with the Internet. The rapid development of smart wearable devices and the health management of smart phones have provided new ways for independent medical laboratory collection and added more imagination. Taking the "Internet +" road is the best choice for the development of independent medical laboratories.


In summary, the development momentum of independent medical laboratories is good, which helps to improve the level of medical testing services and promote the rapid development of the medical industry.