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Introduction of types and materials of commonly used laboratory furniture

Apr 13, 2018

Introduction of types and materials of commonly used laboratory furniture

Laboratory furniture equipment includes fume hoods, laboratory benches, laboratory chairs, instrument benches, day platforms, medicine cabinets, reagent cabinets, vessel cabinets, safety cabinets, storage cabinets, etc. The main materials are all steel, stainless steel, PP, all wood, aluminum wood, steel wood, etc., in order to achieve acid, alkali, wear and other characteristics of laboratory furniture.

1. The fume hood is the most commonly used local exhaust device in the laboratory. Its performance depends mainly on the speed of air flow through the fume hood.

2. The bench is a very important part of the laboratory furniture. The platform needed to perform the physical experiment. The experimental bench can be divided into a central station, a side station, a washing station, an instrument station, a high temperature station, a load-bearing station, an operation station, a clean bench, a physical station, etc., depending on the function; it can be divided into a steel test bench and a steel wood bench according to the material. , aluminum wood bench, all wood bench.

3. The lab chair is part of the laboratory furniture. Used to rest, observe the chair in the experiment.

4. The sky platform is part of the laboratory furniture. The sky platform is a basic supporting experimental equipment specially designed for experiments with high precision requirements and anti-interference. It can control the interference in use when various equipments vibrate, resist the interference in use during friction and vibration between road vehicles and the ground, resist the interference in use during the natural movement of the earth, and resist the interference in use when the weather changes naturally; ensure that Accuracy during the experiment. The sky platform is designed for shock absorption, ie: bench, table tops, countertops and instruments; shock absorption level is one hundred thousandth.

5. The medicine cabinet is part of the laboratory furniture. Medicine cabinet: It is called a medicine freezer. Using a freezer to store medicines is a storage and preservation technology with Chinese characteristics. Its characteristics are small investment, quick effect, and investment value.

6. Container cabinets are functional cabinets that are used to store various types of glassware, beakers, measuring cups, etc. that are used for experiments after cleaning.

7. The reagent cabinet is part of the laboratory furniture. It is also known as a sample cabinet and a medicine cabinet. It is a cabinet used to store pharmaceutical reagents in the laboratory. Its features are convenient and durable.

8. The safety cabinet is a part of laboratory furniture. It stores various kinds of safety protective articles for productive or living substances or materials. The role of the safety cabinet is to store. Different types of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, documents, optical discs, etc. may be used at the job site, so different types of safety cabinets are required for storage.

9, lockers are part of the laboratory furniture, generally divided into family lockers and business lockers, etc., mainly used to facilitate the use of people, store different items, divided into categories. Moreover, for a family or dormitory with a small space, it is a must-have item. It can make full use of the space to accommodate more living things, and it can also be a good decoration for people's home environment.