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Knowledge And Engineering Case Related To Laboratory Gas Supply Systems

Jul 11, 2019

1.Detailed Description

  Although the share of the laboratory gas system is relatively small, but it has an important influence on the safety of the experimental environment. First of all, the professional ventilation, explosion-proof measures must be taken between the gas cylinders. Secondly , the gas system should have leakage alarm,emergency shutoff devices and strong exhaust devices;thirdly ,in order to ensure the purity of the gas and the stability of the air pressure, it must carry out muti-level decompression of gas supply and set the air purge, evacuation and other facilities.

2.What Should Be 

  a.Classic design

  b.Stable large load capacity

  c.Durable and long life 

  d.Maximize storage space

3.Engineering Case

a.Internal Structure

b.Facility Layout

c.Other Devices