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Laboratory and office overall project construction project

Oct 16, 2018

First, the nature of the laboratory objectives


  In the process of building a professional laboratory, the “construction” part is essential. It includes the positioning and planning of the laboratory, and is the foundation and soul of the entire experimental platform construction.

Laboratory positioning refers to: the positioning of the laboratory in the international and domestic (what kind of level should be achieved); the positioning of the laboratory in the industry (system); the positioning of the laboratory in the society (the third-party detection of the government function) Laboratory) The location of the laboratory in its geographic area.

  Laboratory planning includes two aspects: one is laboratory building planning, and the other is laboratory process planning. The laboratory building plan includes the appearance, style, height, and layout of the building. Before the construction of the laboratory, the process of investigating the needs of the laboratory is actually to determine the process of planning the entire laboratory for 3 to 5 years. Therefore, a large amount of preliminary research work is required. It is necessary to clarify its own needs and future development direction.

In addition, it should be fully recognized from the concept that professional laboratory construction is a complex system engineering, which is the construction of the working environment and the way the environment is created, rather than a simple combination of instruments and furniture.

lab furniture 10.16

Second, the laboratory design should precede the civil engineering design


1) The design of the wind shaft, including the location, size and quantity of the wind well, does not meet the requirements of the laboratory, and cannot meet the requirements;

2) The gas cylinder room is designed only according to the gas cylinder room for fire protection; it is not considered as a whole.

3) The partition is ambiguous, the layout is unreasonable, and the space of the compartment is insufficient or too large. The overall planning of the laboratory is not carried out.


4) Insufficient consideration of instruments and furniture.

5) Special room functions, such as constant temperature and humidity chambers, clean laboratories, etc.;

6) The net level is too low, affecting the layout of the pipeline, ventilation design, etc., so that the space after renovation is low.


Third, the choice of laboratory design and construction unit

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