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Laboratory classification principle

Mar 28, 2018

In modern experimental research institutes, laboratories are generally classified according to physics, general chemistry, organic synthesis chemistry, and biology. When selecting equipment for planar design, laboratories in different fields have different requirements, and the differences are very different. Big.

    When designing chemical analysis laboratories, it is usually equipped with a central console with two operations at the center of the laboratory, side tables, test benches, fume hoods, medicine cabinets, and drying cabinets on both sides, and a clean bench and constant temperature and humidity equipment as required.

    With the development of physics industries such as medicine, medicine, food, and agriculture, forestry, and animal husbandry, sterile and dust-free environments with high reliability are indispensable in laboratories in these fields. In biological laboratories, consider the special requirements for data processing workflows from general to inspection, testing, photography, and washing. The washing station and the drying station can usually be adjusted at the entrance.

    Install reagent racks and gimbals on the central and side tables to store reaction tubes and extraction tubes according to different experimental purposes. In addition, special gas piping and cooling water supply and drainage are required on the test bench. The tube can also be installed inside the fume hood to fix the gimbal of the fixture.