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Laboratory decoration process of hydropower project

May 08, 2018

Laboratory decoration process of hydropower project


1. The water and electricity piping route shall be laid on the underside of the floor through the pre-embedded pipe and lead to the designated position of the central station. For the sidewalk, the water and electricity pipe route shall be laid in the wall and led to the designated location. The remaining work is done by the laboratory contractor.

 For the central station, the location of the water and electricity pipes is hidden in the middle of the base cabinet; for the side tables, the water and electricity pipes are hidden behind the base cabinet. The water for the emergency flushing device is introduced by the embedded pipe in the wall.


2. The laboratory contractor will begin to install and connect various cables, pipelines, embedded pipes, sockets, and faucets from the access points left by the civil construction side. All the faucets, sockets, service columns, etc. are marked on the relevant drawings.


3, cable and water pipes have to prove their reliability.


4. Each fume hood has 2 electrical outlets and a cold tap to meet the user's requirements. The power socket on the workbench is marked on the relevant side view.


5. All switches and sockets must be installed outside the fume hood.


6. All air circuit breakers in the control box have their associated switches and sockets.


7, the installation process must comply with local regulations, all electrical installation and inspection must meet the set requirements and records. These record documents will be delivered to the end user.

8, all power supplies, appliances from the sink, emergency flushing devices, etc. have a certain safety distance. The


9. Set up an instrument grounding device at a suitable location in the laboratory building. Some instruments such as XRF, AAS, and ICP need to be grounded, and the grounding resistance is less than 0.5 Ω.


10. A timetable is required to determine the transit time. Ensure that the laboratory has enough space to store the accessories. It can be installed immediately after shipment.


11. All installation work must meet relevant standards and be verified by electrical engineers.


12. Electrical wiring should be separated from LAN and telephone lines to avoid signal interference.


13, the test process to submit proof. All results to be submitted to the user.


14. From the date of delivery of the project, there is a one-year quality assurance period.


15. The quality problems caused by the laboratory contractor or related subcontractors during the transportation, installation and inspection process are all guaranteed.