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Laboratory design and planning is not reasonable

Feb 17, 2017

Laboratory, especially the special requirements of laboratories designed by non-professionals, although some labs by professional design, but after the completion of another use, security requirements for facilities and equipment carefully on design vulnerabilities. Laboratories can produce toxic gases such as ventilation is not installed some machinery laboratory, lack of standby power supply facilities such as emergency protection system, led to a number of important experimental device for use in the sudden blackouts and damage or even scrapped; operation of radioisotope laboratories without radiation shielding design and environmental assessment, does not meet environmental requirements, and so on.

In addition, many laboratories built for a long time, channel is narrow, with backward equipment, aging, the fire rating is low, a fire hazard. Doors and Windows installed for the anti-theft protection, secure channel blocking is serious, some Labs still use old-fashioned fire electric resistance wire and so on. These to the laboratory's safety problems in the event of unexpected consequences.