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Laboratory design should pay attention to the communication in the early stage

Sep 07, 2018

Many times when we are doing lab design or planning, we always feel that the later effects are not as expected. This is because there are some deviations in the early communication. Many times, we are telling one thing. When you tell someone about a need, the understanding with the other party is probably not on a channel. Therefore, in order to prevent such loss from happening, we need to pay attention to a lot of small details when doing laboratory planning and design, which can save a lot of time after you start work.

First, confirm the design style that the user wants


Many times, the style we design conflicts with the effect that the user wants to achieve, so we need to communicate well with the user before design, and we need to confirm all the requirements repeatedly until the two sides can understand each other's meaning. Then you can start designing the drawings, which can effectively prevent rework, otherwise it will delay your time and delay the user's time.