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Laboratory Encyclopedia-Laboratory furniture

Apr 09, 2018

Laboratory furniture definition

Laboratory furniture is a laboratory experiment console, including a fume hood, a central platform, a side table, a reagent cabinet, an instrument cabinet, a locker, an experiment cabinet, a medicine cabinet, an experiment platform, a day platform, a protective cover, and the like. According to material classification includes all steel, all wood, steel wood, aluminum wood and other types. Countertops can use physicochemical plates such as Trespa, VIA, etc. Ceramic or epoxy resin plates can also be used to achieve laboratory furniture that is resistant to acids, alkalis, and abrasion resistance.

Laboratory furniture

The function to be considered first, which requires our laboratory furniture to have features that are easy to clean, sterilize, and keep clean for a longer period of time. Ordinary steel and wooden furniture can hardly meet this cleanliness requirement. On the basis of full consideration of the different requirements of the experimenter, VOLAB developed a series of fully stainless steel furniture to fulfill the customer's dream. The use of high-quality brushed stainless steel as a raw material for laboratory furniture, coupled with a perfect production process, fully meets your high requirements for cleanliness and service intensity. The perfect combination of stainless steel table and steel cabinet with 25MM substrate plate, taking into account the laboratory's requirements for cleanliness and load-bearing.



Trespa is a thermosetting phenolic resin sheet in which phenolic resin is impregnated in kraft paper or wood fiber and hardened in high temperature and high pressure. Due to its uniform structure and compactness, any point on the board is strong. If the surface is subjected to special resin finishing, its performance can be further enhanced. Trespa's core is black, white, and brown. The color tone, style, and texture of the surface are quite rich, so it can be used as outdoor and indoor building materials with corresponding strength requirements and appearance requirements. Trespa has excellent impact resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and weather resistance. Sunlight does not cause discoloration or discoloration. In addition, the product is difficult to stain dirt, easy to clean, easy maintenance. The beauty of the product is long lasting, and Trespa's impact absorption and special manufacturing processes make it a powerful shock absorber.

Common experimental furniture

Experiment bench

The platform to use for physical experiments. Other central laboratory benches, fume hoods, medicine cabinets, standard cabinets, gas bottle cabinets, high temperature tables, etc.


Fume hood

Fume hoods are used in laboratories and require the discharge of harmful gases, and a laboratory-useful device that requires cleaning and effluent discharge during the experiment.


Medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinets are products that store mainly drugs and reagents in laboratory furniture. According to the product material, it can be divided into full wood type and all steel type. According to safety indicators can be divided into ordinary type and pumping. The purpose is to make the most appropriate preservation of toxic, harmful and volatile items in the laboratory.


Experiment bench

Laboratory biological safety cabinet

The biological safety cabinet is used to protect the operators themselves, the laboratory environment and the experimental materials when they are used to infect experimental materials such as primary cultures, bacterial strains, and diagnostic specimens to avoid exposure to the above operations. It is designed to produce infectious aerosols and splatters.


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