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Laboratory fume hood matters

Aug 28, 2017

The laboratory fume hood is part of the laboratory equipment. In a scientific laboratory environment, good ventilation results in creating a clean laboratory environment, ensuring the scientific nature of the experimental conditions, reliability, and the safety of the experiment. that is very important; so when we use the laboratory fume hood, pay attention to the following:


1, the indoor air temperature between -5 ℃ to +40 ℃, 24 hours average does not exceed +25 ℃.


2, the laboratory is not used for three years when the ventilation cabinet should also be regular ventilation, so that the health of the test staff useful.


3, when more than two fume hoods use a fan, in order to avoid operational errors or improper, fan "open" "off" only by an operator to control; if another fume hood is temporarily not used or To stop using, you can use the air flow control valve to close the vents; to avoid duplication of "open" and "off" the fan, so that not only the damage to the life of the fan, the experiment is not accurate.


4, the laboratory fume hood in use, to avoid the flow of people to bring the counter-current direction of the fume hood interference.


5, the laboratory fume hood in the use of every 2 hours for 10 minutes to fill the wind (that is, window ventilation); use more than 5 hours, to open the windows, to avoid negative indoor pressure.