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Laboratory furniture design concept

Jul 03, 2017

                                                     Laboratory furniture room layout design concept

BOKA Modern laboratory planning and design is mainly based on GLP requirements to carry out, and strive to meet the modern enterprise ISO900, ISO400 and GMP quality system certification requirements. The planning concept is as the following three points: 1, the reasonable use of laboratory space 2, to meet the work environment of human requirements 3, to Meet the safety requirements of the working environment 

 First :The base requirements of plane layout for laboratory room 

1, Single person sigle side work space : walkway spacing of 4 feet, about 1200mm; height of putting things is 5 feet, about 1500mm; working space of 2.5 feet, about 750mm.

2, double person double side work space: walkway spacing of 5 feet, about 1500mm; height of putting things is 5 feet, about 1500mm; working space of 2.5 feet, about 750mm.

3, the experimental bench and safety equipment walkway spacing of 6 feet, about 1800mm. 

4, the safety equipment between the walkway spacing ≥ 6 feet, about 1800mm. 

Second, the base requirement of the laboratory room :

1, the laboratory lighting: In general, physical and chemical laboratories should be towards the southeast, easy for lighting; instrument room should be towards the northwest, easy to control constant temperature and humidity .

2, the laboratory ventilation: reasonable exhaust rate and air supplement volume is very important for the laboratory staff's healthy and laboratory data's accuracy

3, The laboratory's water and electric : a reasonable laboratory water and electric system  layout is an important basis for laboratory planning and design.

4, laboratory corridors and doors and windows of the size requirements: corridor width should be ≥ 5 feet, about 1500mm, door frame size (width * height): 3 feet * 7 feet, about 900mm * 2000mm.

Third, the basic requirements of the laboratory equipment

1, security: laboratory equipment should be considered with the appropriate safety design, can effectively prevent the  accidents happen; such as the use of countertops, cabinet material selection, the selection of hardware accessories and so on.

 2, humanization: a reasonable laboratory equipment configuration and optimization of space is the basic factor of humanized .

3, the practicality: the products provided by the supplier to meet the laboratory needs of the experiment is the most realistic elements. 

4, predictability: modern laboratory is in constant development and change, would like to customers do not want to do the customer is not a matter of professional laboratory equipment manufacturers should be one of the quality.

Design concept:

In the modern scientific research laboratory, advanced scientific instruments and improve the experimental equipment

Improve the level of science and technology, to promote scientific research results of the necessary conditions. BOKA using a unique CAD three-dimensional planning and design of the production methods, can meet the various needs of different customers, complete and comprehensive laboratory layout planning and design, to the customer reasonable and comprehensive recommendations, and strive to create a healthy, Safe, environmentally friendly, comfortable laboratory space, to the laboratory staff to provide a scientific and user-friendly laboratory environment.

General laboratory:

Staff in the general chemical laboratory for routine chemical analysis, the overall laboratory is only equipped with fume hood, side table and the central experimental bench, the bench can be equipped with some general equipment, table should select special anti acid and alkali worktop.

 Organic Synthesis Laboratory:

According to the characteristics of synthetic laboratory, the laboratory is equipped with fume hood and table, the table is equipped with a fume hood and table, the table with a special bracket, can be used for distillation, reflux, filtration and other different experiments.

Biochemistry Laboratory:

Biochemistry laboratory, with a clean bench, the central table, side tables and fume hood, while in the laboratory, according to the user requirements of the configuration autoclave, oven, refrigerator and floor equipment, the entire experiment Room layout is reasonable, clean and convenient.