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Laboratory instrument industry usher in development opportunities and challenges

Mar 29, 2018

In China, the laboratory instrument and equipment manufacturing industry can supply general-purpose and professional analytical instruments, and applications include education, healthcare and food production. Vacuum instruments and devices will further strengthen independent research and development, expand the scope of application, and increase competitive strength.


With the arrival of the new period of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the laboratory instrument industry has ushered in opportunities and challenges for development. This is mainly due to the support of relevant national policies, the large-scale demand for laboratory instruments in the field of food safety, and the development of medical and health care in China. The demand for laboratory instruments, analytical instruments and optical instruments all provide markets for the development of laboratory instruments and provide opportunities for development.


With the development and breakthrough of new technologies in our country, laboratory instruments will also usher in upgrading and upgrading to high-end development to meet more application needs. However, there are certain problems behind the rapid development. At present, China's laboratory instrument manufacturers are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, and their ability to innovate is limited. Therefore, high-end laboratory instruments are still mainly imported, and the profitability of the high-end market has attracted Many well-known foreign companies entered the Chinese market and competed with domestic manufacturers of laboratory equipment. This intangible intensified the competition in the laboratory equipment industry, and enabled more companies to gain a foothold in the fierce competition through continuous innovation and enhanced product quality supervision. The place, thus accelerating the development speed of the domestic laboratory instrument industry, coupled with the government's support for instrument production, high-tech industries, the overall level of the laboratory instrument industry in China will be greatly improved in the next few years.