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laboratory layout of the interior layout

Aug 09, 2018

Reasonable laboratory planning and design is particularly important. Therefore, if you want to establish a modern laboratory, you must first formulate and propose the overall planning of the laboratory, affirm the nature, purpose, mission, basis and scope of the laboratory establishment project, and affirm the various experiments. Room function and process conditions and scope; at the same time, we must do some preparatory work for architectural design, investigate and discuss, and absorb the same nature at home and abroad.


Scope laboratory planning experience, as a self-made, according to the laboratory's process conditions and related materials, prepare a program task book; then, after all aspects of work are ready, do a good job in laboratory architectural design, comprehensive architectural design The fundamental request, the separation of practice, and the planning request, to create a sense of time, advanced laboratory building blueprint, to provide a solid basis for the establishment of laboratory construction. The main contents of the laboratory design and related preparations are described in detail below.

First, preparations for laboratory planning and design:

1. The relationship between the buildings in the master plan and the way in which the living areas are handled.

2. Process planning and process flow of various experimental buildings.

3, several possibilities of plane combination, establish the number of layers of the experimental building.

4. Choose the appropriate number of touches (including opening, depth, floor height, and walkway size).

5. The arrangement of the main instruments and equipment and the position of the test bench and fume hood.

6. The planning method between the laboratory and the seminar room, assisting the planning between the laboratory and the laboratory.

7. Alignment of the layout of the engineering pipe network (such as open pipe or dark pipe, vertical pipe network or degree pipe network).

8. Sensitive requests.

The laboratory layout of the laboratory is as described above. The above eight large points explain the various aspects of the laboratory interior layout. I hope that it will be of great help to everyone in understanding the laboratory planning!