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Laboratory One-Stop Solutions for Laboratory Quality Control Conditions

Apr 02, 2018

After the laboratory design is completed, the laboratory must be officially operational. If a laboratory in operation needs to perform quality control, it must meet the requirements of the inspection work and meet the following basic requirements: One-stop laboratory solution 1. The laboratory ventilation and exhaust system and safety facilities are complete, which can meet the laboratory equipment and equipment testing requirements and meet the requirements of the safety personnel of the inspection personnel. It can avoid the influence of the test environment on the test results and the cross-contamination effect during the test. 2. The precision instrument room must have the functions of fire prevention, shockproof, electromagnetic interference prevention, noise prevention, moisture proof, corrosion prevention, dust prevention, and prevention of harmful gas intrusion. The room temperature is controlled between 18 °C and 25 °C, and the humidity is controlled between 60% and 70%. 3. Laboratory analysis of water, chemical reagents, standard solution configuration and calibration should meet the following requirements: Trace or ultratrace analysis uses primary or ultrapure water, and secondary analysis is performed using constant analysis and common reagent configurations. Special analytical projects use special test water, such as chlorine-free water, ammonia-free water, carbon dioxide-free water, arsenic-free water, lead-free (no heavy metal) water, phenol-free water, distilled water without organic substances, etc.;

Pure water prepared or purchased by the laboratory should be inspected for quality before use. 4. Trace or ultratrace analysis uses superior grade or higher grade chemical reagents; standard solution configuration uses baseline grade chemical reagents, constant analysis uses analytical grade chemical reagents; special item analysis uses spectral purity, chromatographic purity, and ultra Pure and other grades of chemical reagents. 5. Standard solution direct or indirect configuration method (calibration method), in the standard solution calibration, the relative error of the measured concentration value shall not be greater than 0.2%. In laboratory quality control, the use, maintenance, and verification of laboratory equipment and equipment for instruments and equipment should meet the following requirements: 1. Strictly implement large-scale equipment and equipment operation procedures; 2. Do not use unqualified calibration or test calibration equipment that is not qualified; 3. For equipment with unstable performance, drift, aging, frequent use, mobile and portable on-site inspection equipment, and harsh environment, in addition to periodic inspections, regular maintenance, maintenance, and inspection are required. Use before correcting before putting it into use. Kang He Laboratory Services: The Laboratory Decoration Company - Kang He Laboratory provides one-stop laboratory solutions to help customers design laboratories, build laboratories, and operate laboratories.