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Mobile Covid-testing lab Mobile container lab for PCR fast test

Aug 05, 2020

The Mobile container lab is designed in strict accordance with the requirements of the PCR laboratory using standard containers, and is equipped with a decontamination room, which is highly integrated with water, electricity, wind, equipment and other majors;

The cabinet is equipped with lighting, ultraviolet lamps, counters, equipment, refrigerators, etc.;

The air supply pipe is integrally formed in the box body and connected outside the box body through special components;

The exhaust air is set separately, and the air column is integrated with the exhaust fan;

When used as a vehicle-mounted laboratory, the drainage device adopts a collection device and is regularly taken out through the dirt outlet;

When transported to the site for fixed use, the drainage pipe is connected to the biological wastewater treatment tank of the unit.

98% of the construction work is completed in the factory, and only a flat site is required for transportation to the site, and the necessary water and electricity docking can complete the installation.



Small footprint

The mobile box PCR laboratory is composed of a standard container, and the experiment process includes the construction of the equipment in accordance with the standard PCR laboratory. The storage area is about 52.5 square meters. It can be used as a vehicle-mounted laboratory in an emergency, and it does not require any installation when transported to the outbreak site. Any hospital or outbreak site will have a parking space of about 52.5 square meters.

Installation requirements are not high

Since the container has completed all the installations configured in a single box before leaving the factory, the water, electricity, wind, waste water and exhaust gas discharge systems have been equipped in the box, while ensuring the safety of the outside environment and the level of the foundation on site. It only needs to simply carry out the hoisting and installation of the container body, the water supply and the electric docking, and the assembly is really fast. The docking installation itself does not require very professional personnel. Conventional disease control maintenance personnel or engineering personnel can separate the containers. Professional docking becomes a complete box-type PCR laboratory.

Fast pollution elimination

The box is generally placed outdoors. It is good for patients or viruses. Outdoor air circulates quickly. It will not cause high accumulation and retention like indoor air, thus aggravating the infectivity of viruses. Box PCR laboratory effectively avoids Aggregation and infectivity. When the internal environment of the box PCR laboratory is contaminated, it can quickly replace the fresh air through the air supply and exhaust system to meet the requirements of laboratory purification.

Can be reused

The box-type PCR laboratory can be reused. After the epidemic is over, it can be re-transported to the CDC, hospital, port or third-party testing unit after the epidemic is over, and can be used again after professional storage and maintenance. Timely re-use, which promotes cost savings and resource reuse.

Higher security level

The test bench cabinets and equipment in the box are all implemented shock-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-infection measures as required. The protection of personnel and the protection of virus safety are higher than those of ordinary PCR laboratories.