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Must pay attention to the design and selection of laboratory furniture

May 10, 2018

Laboratory furniture is a kind of special furniture. Laboratory furniture should not only have excellent use functions, but also should have neat appearance and color in order to improve the indoor environment and reflect the characteristics of the times. The design, flexibility, and serialization of laboratory furniture is one of the components of laboratory construction and is one of the basic conditions for laboratories. The There are fume hoods, central laboratory benches, side tables, medicine cabinets, vessel cabinets, and gas cylinder cabinets in modern laboratory furniture. Among them, the fume hood is a very important function that is important for biochemical laboratory equipment. It is also indispensable. equipment. Therefore, choosing the fume hood is an important issue in the construction of the laboratory and must be given enough attention.

In order to meet the needs of various laboratories with different experimental contents, laboratory furniture should satisfy the functional, robust, corrosion-resistant, and flexible arrangement of the experiment while pursuing a comfortable and safe experimental environment. Laboratory furniture is different from home furniture in that it is often used in contact with water, electricity, gas, chemical substances and materials, and equipment. The Therefore, higher requirements are placed on the structure and material of the furniture. In the construction of the laboratory, the design and selection of the laboratory furniture must be emphasized. Let's take a look at the following points:

1. The integration of laboratory furniture and building decoration brings design capabilities and product quality closer to consumers. The spirit of humanistic care is embodied so that users feel deeply safe, convenient, and comfortable. The 2. The concept of health and environmental protection will be fully reflected in the selection of raw materials, accessories, and design of laboratory furniture. The 3. Laboratory furniture will develop with the progress of light industry in the manufacture of laboratory equipment in China. The 4, laboratory furniture companies will gradually focus on design style, will be a variety of style brands. The 5. The development of laboratory furniture will rely more on quality, style, service and brand. The 6. The direction of quality development is sturdy, beautiful, non-deformable, resistant to strong acids and alkalis.