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Negative Pressure Weighing Booth in Medical Stainless Steel Equipment

Jul 16, 2019

The scales we use every day should be familiar. The scales used in all walks of life are nothing more than electronic scales, mechanical scales and general scales. It is ok to weigh a general solid, liquid or gas. Then move the situation to our laboratory or hospital. What should we do when weigh powdery that easy to sprinkle and contamination? The clever designer has come up with a new approach, which is the negative pressure weighing room we need to know today.

1.What is it?

Negative pressure weighing booth is a local clean equipment, which is mainly applied in pharmaceutical proportioning weighing and sub-packing to prevent medical powder from spreading or rising, so as to avoid inhalation harm for human body and to avoid cross contamination between workspace and clean room.

2.How to work?

Operating principle: filtrated airborne particles from workspace air with fan, primary efficiency filter, medium efficiency filter and HEPA, negative pressure weighing booth supplies vertical unidirectional clean airflow to workspace. At the same, by venting 10-15% air volume, it achieve negative pressure between workspace and clean room, so as to prevent medical powder from spreading and raising. It can be tuned to run on constant fan frequency or air airflow speed by control system, which consists of PLC, air velocity transmitter and frequency converter.



4.What are the advantages?

a. Modular design, simple and flexible installation.

b. Easy detachable airflow equalizing membrane, convenient to recondition.

c. Optional cooling parts: cooling coil ro system cooling air.

d. Gel seal HEPA, easy to pass leakage testing

e. Automatically tune fan frequency, assure the airflow speed is constant.

f. Pointer type differential pressure gauge, easy to monitor status of filters in


g. Differential pressure alarm is convenient for replacing filters timely

h. Controlling with touchscreen, it is easy to use.

i. User's right is divided into two group: operator and administrator, so as to

reduce mistake risk of modifying parameters