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Operating precautions for high and low temperature alternating test chamber

Sep 04, 2018

High and low temperature alternating test chamber operation precautions:


1. Do not use the machine if it is found to be damaged or deformed when unpacking. To prevent electric shock or malfunction and malfunction, do not turn on the power before installation and wiring are completed.


2. Wiring must be correct and must be grounded. Failure to ground may result in electric shock, malfunction, abnormal display, or large errors in measurement.


3. This product is a non-explosion-proof product. Please do not use a constant temperature and humidity machine in the environment with flammable or explosive gas.


4. To avoid machine failure in the high and low temperature alternating test chamber, please provide power supply within the rated voltage range.


5. Please try not to open the test box door during the operation of the instrument. If it is opened at high temperature, it may cause burns to the operator. Opening at low temperature may cause frost damage to the staff in the morning, and may cause the evaporator to freeze and affect the cooling effect. If you must open it, please do some protection work.


6. The ventilation holes of the body should be kept open to avoid malfunction, abnormal operation, reduced life and fire.


7. Be careful not to let dust, thread, iron filings or other things enter during machine installation, otherwise malfunction or malfunction will occur.


8. Check the terminal screws and holder regularly, please do not use them loosely. During operation of the instrument, the power input terminal cover must be installed on the terminal block to prevent electric shock.


9. It is forbidden to disassemble, process, modify or repair the high and low temperature alternating test chamber without authorization, otherwise there will be danger of abnormal action, electric shock or fire.