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Part of the content and methods of laboratory quality control

Sep 27, 2018

Quality control is to eliminate the factors that cause unqualified or unsatisfactory results at all stages of the quality link by monitoring the quality formation process. To achieve quality requirements, to obtain economic benefits, and to use a variety of quality operating techniques and activities. The laboratory is an entity that specializes in inspection and testing.


The result of laboratory work is the test report. So there must be a quality journey process. In order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test data, in order to ensure the quality of the test report, it is necessary to clarify the factors of the quality process and the various stages of the process that may affect the quality of the test report. Therefore, corresponding measures are taken to manage and control these factors to keep their processes under control. In order to do a good job in the quality control of the test report, we should guarantee it in several ways.


1. Laboratory hardware facilities, including venues, materials used, and architectural requirements, shall be implemented in accordance with relevant laboratory standards.


2, the internal technical quality control of the laboratory: that is, the inspection technology control of the inspectors, the specific methods are:


(1) Standard sample (sample) blind sample test: The test substance blindly detects the standard substance (sample), and compares the test result with the standard value to verify the test and measurement ability.


(2) Retesting of the sample: After the detection of a certain sample is completed, the same parameters of the sample are retested by the same method, and the results of the two tests are compared to verify the reliability of the test result.


(3) Personnel comparison: Different samples are tested by the same method by different inspectors, and the results of the two tests are compared to verify the reliability of the test results.


(4) Correlation test of different characteristics of samples: There are often some intrinsic links between certain parameters of the same sample. Comparing the test results of these parameters can also be used as one of the ways to judge the reliability of test results. The parameter detection results are contradictory. The reason should be found and the suspected items should be retested so that the relationship between the relevant parameters tends to be reasonable.