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Physical laboratory layout

Aug 21, 2018

In the construction of physical laboratories, we need to combine the characteristics of physics, make comprehensive and long-term considerations in technology, and arrange a more scientific, standardized, convenient, safe and beautiful pattern. The cabinets and racks should be placed in parallel and perpendicular to each other without skewing. For irregularly shaped rooms, such as: non-complete rectangles, or the corners of the wall are skewed, the cabinets and shelves should be arranged to make the visual space cover and the operation space smooth. The direction of the cabinet friend channel should be such that the administrator has more overall monitoring vision in the normal working area (bit) and has a more direct access path. In terms of image, it is the tendency to “review the whole room and see it all”, “moving and taking things, going straight.” After the above arrangements are made, natural lighting can also be taken into account. In addition, it is necessary to configure sufficient artificial lighting conditions (lights) in the whole room to obtain good illumination in the rainy days, early morning or nighttime during normal abnormal working hours.


1. One card of the physical instrument room.

2. The area is more than 15 square meters and the instrument reaches the second class standard.

3, desk, laboratory desk.

4, chair, laboratory chair, a chair.

5, toolbox A toolbox, a set of tools for experimental teachers to repair instruments and homemade instruments.

6. Plug The experimental teacher's desk is equipped with a set of porous sockets.

7. File Cabinet A small bookcase (on the desk of the experimenter) or a bookcase. Store relevant data files.

8. Instrument cabinet The total volume of the physical instrument cabinet is more than 5 cubic meters. The discharge is neat and parallel, and the height and thickness are basically the same.

9. The instrument cabinet should be firm and free from deformation, cracks, damage, paint falling off, etc.

10, instrument cabinet The instrument cabinet should be able to store all the instruments, especially tall instruments to set up a special equipment cabinet.

11. Large-scale label A large-scale label indicating the type of instrument stored is placed above the instrument cabinet.

12, outside the cabinet posted on the left side of the instrument cabinet on the left side of the cabinet, posted to the left and right.

13. Outside the cabinet The instrument in the cabinet is filled in the outer frame of the cabinet. The order is filled in order from top to bottom, indicating the number, name and specification of the instrument. Quantity, etc., the quantity column takes up one column for each change.

14. Degree System Each of the four systems is suspended above the desk of the experimenter. The top margin is 2-2.5 meters from the ground and about 0.5 meters away from the corner.

15 Rules One of the rules of the instrument room is suspended above the tester's desk and is 2-2.5 meters above the ground.

16. Responsibilities The experimental teacher has one job responsibilities, hanging above the desk of the experimenter, and the upper side is 2-2.5 meters away from the ground.

17. Window curtains A set of monochrome (cool) shade cloth curtains and rail-type curtains for each window (door).

18, lighting According to the classroom lighting standards, lighting facilities, line layout should be standardized.

19. Ground Floor The concrete floor or tile is laid on the ground, and the ground is flat without pits.

20, wall wall The wall is flat, scraped or painted, no excess stickers and hangings, no pollution, no shedding.

21. Doors and windows The glass is clean and bright, no damage, no paint and other pollution points; the door and window gap is tight, the paint is smooth and clean, and there is no falling off.

22. Health Floors, walls, roofs, light stands, ceiling fans are sanitary, no pollution, and the wiring of the wires is neat and tidy.

23. Storage order The instruments are discharged in the order of the natural instrument classification number, and the storage is neat, beautiful and scientific.

24, storage rules Light instruments placed in the top of the cabinet, heavy placed in the lower part of the cabinet, high placed inside, short placed outside.

25, maintenance and do the ten defense: dust, moisture, light, rust, shock, mildew, antifreeze, fire, explosion, anti-virus.

26, fire prevention equipped with a fire extinguisher.

27, moisture-proof with 3-4 boxes of quicklime, ventilation on time.

28, instrument account equipped with a separate account book.

29. List A list of teaching instruments is provided, indicating the number, name, specification and model, and existing quantity of all existing instruments and equipment, and the upper wall.

30. Experimental plan The experimental teaching plan for the past three years.

31. Experimental records The experimental records of students in the past three years.

32. Notices The student's experiment notices for the past three years are bound into books according to the grade and semester.

33. Register A copy of the damage registration book for teaching instruments, and the record of compensation for damage to the instrument for the past three years is clear.

34. Register The teaching equipment is used to borrow a register and is used for instruments for the past three years.